Sunday, September 5, 2010

A New Stomping Ground

Well yep, since you may have noticed that there is only one post on this blog, you've probably also come rather rapidly to the decision that this is a new blog.  What is it?  What's the deal?  What's eventually gonna go down?  Well, this a Death Knight blog, for the wildly popular online game 'World of Warcraft.'  My name, is Onike (also known to some as Flairn, or Theloral- these are my main toons in WoW).  I'm going by Onike because it's a standard name I've used for fantasy games since I started playing them... and that's as a good a reason as any to make it the name I'm known by in the community. 

This blog is going to be delving into the Death Knight class (the newest one to WoW), and I'm going to try my best to bring as many different aspects of the game as possible into this blog.  But keep in mind- I am NOT a hardcore raider by any stretch of the imagination.  The thing I most love about the game is in fact PvP.  Although I do raid, please bear in mind when I discuss raid content it is not through the eyes of a die-hard, bleeding edge raider.  It's through the eyes of a casual, one or two night a week raider.  I WILL go pretty deep into PvP content, so you may consider me more 'hardcore' at that if you'd like.  Either way, I simply don't have the time to play WoW to its greatest capacity... so if you want min-maxing guides please look elsewhere.

Why Death Knights?

Well for one because I play the class.  But I also play a druid.  What's keeping me from blogging about them?  Basically, because druids have their blogging community pretty nailed down.  They are one of the most vocal class bloggers out there (probably tied with hunters for #1).  Death Knights on the other hand are sadly under-represented.  With the exception of one or two big names like Skeleton Jack, WoW's hero class just doesn't have a lot of class-specific blogs to its name.  Maybe that's because DKs are only one expansion old... or maybe it's just because people feel they aren't quite as fascinating as the older classes in the game. 

Either way, I'm trying to fill the void that has existed for quite some time in the blogging community- the lack of Death Knight bloggers.  Do I expect to become the next Skeleton Jack?  Probably not.  But I do expect to have a blast, keep playing the game I enjoy playing, and maybe drag a couple reluctant readers along for the ride.

So where exactly am I?

You my friend, are sitting on the precipice of a journey into, arguably, the best class in the World of Warcraft.  You're sitting on a boat, waiting to go for a tour of the game, through the eyes of a Death Knight.  You've just stumbled into my little corner of the WoW blogging community.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen- to the Runic Halls.